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When salon worker Katie's failed attempts leave her desperate, she is left with no option but join the local love therapy group - will this be the key to to her happy ever after?

Released in 2018, Love Therapy took home 'Best Overall Film' at the It's My Shout Awards in Cardiff. Pierce's original piano-based score for the short film was also nominated at the award ceremony.


Commissioned by

The National Library of Wales

Composed for the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project by The National Library of Wales and released in 2020, Overseas uses digitsed recordings of Griffith Jones, intereviewed by Glenys James, and is inspired by thoughts of home

Pareto Principle

Clarinet - Ella Penn

Composed in 2019, Pareto Principle is a work for synths, clarinet and modular synthesiser. The live clarinet and background synths were recorded and mixed together before being put through the modular. This process was repeated many times with small changes and eventually re-mixed to create the final piece.

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